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Italy is one of the most important center of fashion. Each piece is produced and realized inside our country, guaranteed by our famous Made in Italy, which represents a guarantee of high quality of the lines and the fabrics to customers from all over the world.

B.V. Fashion Group produces the collection of women's clothing MICHELLE, composed of articles up to the latest fashion trend with a large assortment of products that allows a unique combination of dynamism, elegance and attention on details. Each model of our line is entirely handmade in Italy and includes clothes and accessories of every type and for every age.

The attention towards one's own clothing is a privilege for most women and it represents a way to reflect their own sense of beauty and elegance in every moment of the day.

For this reason our brand has specialized in the creation of the so-called ‘fast fashion’ proposing the collection of women's clothing MICHELLE, created from eccentric and refined fabrics, with new colors and forms, to provide each woman innovative and unique proposals, in a combination of tendencies and style fashion.

Thanks to the clothing signed B.V. Fashion Group, every woman will surely find the dress and the accessory most fitting to her personality, both for special occasions, where to maybe show off refined and sophisticated dresses, and everyday life, through simple and practical clothing, without neglecting style.

Our collection of women's clothing MICHELLE is based on fun and vitality: inside our sale point, merchants and resellers will have the occasion to purchase with a great value for money.

Ahead of new trends, the collection MICHELLE signed B.V. Fashion Group is born to express femininity, dynamism and elegance all at once. Versatility, color, dynamism and style identify the new modern woman. A woman that lives intensely each moment of the day, a woman that loves the quality of the fabric and the refinement of each detail of her wardrobe.

The MICHELLE collection is realized just to respond to the needs of a fashionable modern woman, who searches each occasion to show her own personality through the refinement of the most innovative tendencies of fashion, without neglecting the practical aspect.


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