Who we are: wholesale women apparel

Our company is specialized in wholesale women's apparel and is born from the wish to create a new brand of female fast fashion. Each piece of the collection is entirely artisanally made in Italy and includes pieces always up to the latest fashion trends.

The distinguishing quality of Made in Italy can be seen in each piece of our collection MICHELLE. Inside our store of wholesale women's apparel you can appreciate our collections for the qualities of their fabric and colors, combined with expertise by our stylist to create fashionable collections.  
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who we are wholesale womens clothing

We are involved in the production and the wholesale of women's apparel always up to the latest fashion trends with a large assortment of products that allows a unique combination of dynamism, elegance and attention on details.

Made in Italy is not just a slogan: it’s a core part of the brand MICHELLE. It’s the way and the philosophy with which we approach our clothes.

MICHELLE represents a style of clothing marked by cleanliness, dynamism and style, thought for those who live intensely each moment of the day and enjoy each experience to the last detail. You can find our production of wholesale clothing from your trusty shop and at Centergross in Bologna at reasonable prices and accessibility.

Inside our sale point you can find our brand MICHELLE composed of clothes, leather jackets and much more. A great assortment of clothing made in Italy, with the latest collections MICHELLE.

Our service of wholesale women's apparel allows the purchase of all our latest clothing at very competitive prices.

Today, the Made in Italy collections by MICHELLE grant that 100% of the clothing is produced in Italy, guaranteeing the quality of all the clothes inside our large assortment inside our shop.

You can find us at Centergross in Bologna. You will find all the clothing of our brand MICHELLE anticipating all the next trends with their women's clothing.


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